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Monday, March 08, 2021

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Committee 2019/20


          Chairman:     Gary Ting Chong                                            Committee Members:    Chan Ho                  

 Vice-Chairman:     Darryl Fokming ( Operations)                        Committee Members:    Clive Ho

                                Matthew Sent ( Tournaments and Rules )                                             Gavin Sam Shang

          Treasurer:     Gary Junkin                                                                                            Desmond Tsuen   

                                                                                                            Leslie Leo

                                                                                                            Dylan Forlee




Subs for 2021/22 – R180 per player due by May CGA event


Formats and Handicaps  – CGA Competitions


Winners of the previous competition will play off a handicap less 2, for the next competition. This format is valid for all CGA Grand Prix events, but not  applicable for CGA Club Champs.


Player A : Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, Tournament B plays off an 8, Tournament C plays off a 10 again (assuming he/she doesn’t win tournament B).

Player B : Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, misses Tournament B, plays off a 10 on Tournament C or his/her handicap at the time of the tournament.

Player C : Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, wins Tournament B off an 8 hcp, Tournament C he must play off a 6 hcp, Tournament D, revert back to his/her  hcp at the time of the next tournament (assuming he/she doesn’t win Tournament C)


Handicaps : New unofficial Members or Guests that do not have an official handicap index, must play off a maximum course handicap of 18 (men) and 24 (ladies), or off their last known official handicap/index.


Grand Prix : The Grand Prix points will now be calculated on total points less the 3 lowest scores, and not 2 scores as previously. A missed game is considered as a 0 score.


CGA 500 : New format has been introduced. The total aggregate of the points, divided by the total number of actual games. The highest score and the lowest scores are discounted. The players will then be seeded 1 to 16, for the final day, To qualify for the top 16, a minimum of 7 games must be played, and therefore 5 scores will count (discounting the highest and lowest score)


Club Champs – Date to TBC


2-club – This has been discontinued