Information of 22/23 Season


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Last Update

Committee 2022/23


          Chairman:     Gary Ting Chong                                            Committee Members:    Desmond Tsuen                  

 Vice-Chairman:     Darryl Fokming ( Operations)                                                               Leslie Leo

          Treasurer:     Gary Junkin                                                                                               





    Subs for 2022/23 – R180 per player due by May CGA event


 Formats and Handicaps – CGA Competitions 2022/23


1. CGA Competition Winner:


Winner of the previous competition will play off a handicap less 2, for the next competition. This format is valid for all CGA Grand Prix events, but not applicable for CGA Club Champs.




     • Player A: Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, Tournament B plays off an 8, Tournament C plays off a 10 again (assuming he/she doesn’t win tournament B).

     • Player B: Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, misses Tournament B, plays off a 10 hcp in Tournament C or his/her handicap at the time of the tournament.

     • Player C: Tournament A wins on a 10 hcp, wins Tournament B off an 8 hcp, Tournament C he must play off a 6 hcp, Tournament D, revert-back to his/her hcp at the time of the next tournament (assuming he/she doesn’t win Tournament C)


2. Handicaps:


     Members or Guests that do not have an official handicap index, can play off a maximum course handicap of 18 and/or senior tees (if you qualify) or 24 for ladies or off their last known official handicap/index. (Updated 2 November 2022)


3. Grand Prix:


    The Grand Prix points will now be calculated on total points less the 3 lowest scores. A missed game is considered as a 0 score.


    There will be 3 Divisions this season.


        Division A: hcps   0 -17

        Division B: hcps 18 – 24

        Division C: hcps 25+


     The Division is calculated when a member plays the first tournament as a CGA member and determined by the Course Handicap. We will not be implementing the competition handicap, and players are to play off their Course Handicap.

     For all members that played at Ebotse, your course handicap on the day has determined your Division. Once a Player’s division has been determined, he/she will stay in that division for the duration of the CGA calendar, irrespective of their handicap increasing/decreasing during this time.


    There will be a winner for each division, plus an overall Grand Prix winner.


4. The CGA calendar runs from April – March.


5. CGA 500: This has been discontinued


6. 2-club – This has been discontinued


7. Club Champs – Sunday 12th September 2021 @ Benoni Country Club. Format to be confirmed



    Formats and Handicaps – CGA Competitions are subject to change at the discretion of the Exec Committee.  May 2021